Red wine goes with steak.

Champagne is for celebrations.

What should cannabis be paired with?


Big Shiny Buds – The Cannabis Pairing Guide


It’s a cold winter’s evening. Imagine curling up on a couch with a friend in front of a fireplace, a glass of red wine in hand.

But what if the wine wasn’t there? The entire experience would be different. The fire would be there, your friend would be there, but the night would be… incomplete.

Now think about a summer night at the cottage with friends, sitting around a warm, roaring fire. What’s missing this time? What do you need to complete the experience?

Like coffee, champagne, beer, and s’mores, cannabis adds that “special something” to situations. Big Shiny Buds contains profiles of 25 exceptional strains… and 350+ things to enjoy them with.

Most other cannabis reviews share functional attributes like THC and CBD levels, flavours, scents, and genetics. In Big Shiny Buds, we have gone the extra mile and provided suggestions for when, how, and why to enjoy 25 carefully-curated strains.

Watch  –  listen  –  read  –  experience  –  eat  –  drink


25 outstanding strains

Big Shiny Buds contains 25 of the most memorable (and enjoyable) strains we have ever smoked. The guide profiles 8 indicas, 8 sativas, 8 hybrids, and one truly special bud.

how to enjoy cannabis

Big Shiny Buds provides in-depth suggestions for how, where, and when to use certain strains to bring that “special something” to all kinds of situations.

appropriate for all skill levels

Big Shiny Buds is written for cannabis users of all skill levels. First-timers will appreciate the tutorials we’ve included, and experienced stoners will enjoy the opportunity to see some classic strains in a new light.

Watch a sunset with King’s Kush.

This powerful indica will lovingly tuck you into bed shortly after the sky darkens.

Go wading with Blue Dream.

We enjoyed this hybrid on the shore of the St. Lawrence River, just northeast of Baie-des-Sables (Québec).

Enjoy your Saturday morning coffee with Durban Poison.

You’ll have way more fun reading the newspaper after smoking this light sativa known as the “espresso” of cannabis.

Are you interested, but looking for more information?

We’ll email you a sample .pdf with three strains from the book – one indica, one sativa, and one hybrid. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What’s in Big Shiny Buds Vol.1?
  • Profiles of 25 unique, high-quality cannabis strains
  • Thoughtful food & drink pairings for each cannabis strain
  • Lifestyle suggestions for each strain – places to go, things to watch, stuff to do
  • At least 14 suggestions per strain (350+ in total!)
  • General information specifically for novice cannabis users
  • Designed with care – this is a passion project first and foremost!
  • Approximately 70 pages long
  • Hardcover will be 9″ x 9″ and will fit comfortably on your coffee table
  • Free .pdf included with purchase of hardcover book
Watch  –  listen  –  read  –  experience  –  eat  –  drink
Note: Inhaling smoke from plants that are on fire can be unhealthy.

The Health Canada Website has a list of reasons to not smoke marijuana. Although we happily ignore such warnings, it’s important to know that cannabis does affect everyone differently and some people DO experience negative side effects (paranoia, fainting, irritability, etc.).