A Bud’s Journey to Gino’s Pizza

The Gino’s Pizza near Lime Ridge Mall is a rather small location with a modest assortment of two tables with six seats and a bar with four stools. There is a typical drink fridge on the customer side of the counter and a beautiful display of pizzas being sold by the slice on the counter. I decided to take a dive. I got a slice of pepperoni and a medium pepperoni pizza to go. The two employees looked at me like I had two heads, which is understandable. How often does this happen?

I start with the slice. Before I even begin to eat it I notice a small pool of grease forming in the middle of it. To me, that is most excellent and is exactly what I am looking for in a slice.

The smell of freshly reheated pizza from the oven is unmistakable and I love every breath I take. Finally, after tasting this beautiful slice I am able to envision the pizza it came from in my mind. Crust, for me, is make or break for pizza and Ginos has by far the best crust. It’s crusty but still doughy, lightly toasted to make that perfect grey brown colour under the pizza. The sauce on the slice, unfortunately, is somewhat lacking. There is very little sauce and it is rather unevenly distributed. But, when I do bite down on a particularly saucy part, I enjoy the taste of it #bringthesauce. 

Atop the sauce, comes that Gino cheese. The mozzarella cheese that is used is very tasty. What the slice is lacking in sauce, it is made up for in cheese. This slice has a thick top layer of cheese that is as addicting as sweet treats. It looks like something that has gone through the microwave when you are feeling lazy but also have enough creativity to make something fancy. 

Now comes the meat. Pepperoni is sort of a standard topping for a pizza and Ginos most definitely uses a high-quality roni. The slices of pep are evenly distributed on the top of the slice and, I gotta say, I am truly enjoying every mouthful as I sit here looking out the window as I prepare to enjoy my full medium pie. 

Finally at home, feet up on the couch, a little Hybrid by the name of Wedding Cake ease my taste buds into focus as I stare at this majestically beautiful pie now in front of me. Even distribution of pepperoni with grease pooling in small pockets. This is what a pizza pie is supposed to look like. First slice goes down nicely. Same amount of cheese as the slice, but definitely more sauce and, my goodness, is it ever a great combo. The crust, however, was more doughy than crispy, although that might have had to do with the fact slices are reheated in an oven. 

I must say, that sauce from Ginos is most excellent. 

Written by M.

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