A Bud’s Journey To Queen Street Pizza and Wings

If you live in the Durand Neighbourhood, Locke Street Area or Hess Village and you have NOT eaten from Queens Pizza and Wings (or QSP, as it’s better known) then you should rectify that right now. She may not be much to look at but, but this Queen delivers pizza goodness. As I ordered a slice and a pie (something that is quickly becoming my usual) I was informed the slices were just made. This was a first for me. A fresh slice of ‘za right out of the oven. Just so ravenous I gorged myself on this massive slice. The crust was not as crispy as I usually like and didn’t have the usual grayish-brown colour underneath, but the bread used is something else. Folding the slice in half to make a sandwich is necessary with this lady. The sauce is lightly spread evenly throughout the slice and it is ridiculously flavorful, while a moderate amount of cheese may account for why the sauce overpowers the slice. The pepperoni is good, just your average roni, but come on, have you ever had a bad roni? 

The pie itself has a decent enough spread of pepperoni and those beautiful pools of grease forming in the deep pockets of the pie. Perhaps the oven was a bit off as the pie itself was rather unevenly cooked. The bottom was the wonderful brown colour with a grey hue and crispy. Truly the pie is where Queen’s pizza is at their best. A wonderful combination of cheese and sauce, and oh is that sauce ever so good. Queens has a soft spot in my heart and this great pizza place deserves a soft spot in yours.

This experience brought to you by the Hybrid strain, Wedding Cake. The cake that explodes your taste buds.

Written by M.

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