Canada Day Strains 2019

Sativa: Island Sweet Skunk

From Canada’s own island paradise in Vancouver, start the best day of the year with a lil’ west coast flavour, focus and energy. Then throw on a pair of your finest denim and you’ll be good to rage all day long.

Also pair with: A medium double double from Tim Hortons


Hybrid: White Widow

Head East to Montreal Quebec to find your mid-day strain. White Widow is a great Canadian hybrid to enjoy during the heat of the afternoon. Roll a joint, cheers a beer and relax in the shade. Take a break with some widow, bud. You’ve earned it.

*French not required

Also pair with: An ice cold Molson Canadian


Indica: Romulan

Cap off your Canada Day with another west coast beauty, this time featuring Romulan. A strain that will pair perfectly with your neighbourhood firework celebrations and end your long, busy, fun salute to our great nation with a bang.

Also pair with: A fireworks show


Happy Canada Day!



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