Hamilton From A Bud’s Perspective: A City Guide For Marc Maron

Dear Marc,

We’re sorry to hear that your first impression of Hamilton was… let’s say… disappointing. As you pointed out, Hamilton does have a unique charm. We wanted to share a few ideas on how to make the rest of your time here more enjoyable.

#1: This Ain’t Hollywood

Take Hamilton’s frequency and distill it down into a music venue and it’s this place. Check it out for great vibes and some of the best bathroom graffiti you’ve ever seen.

#2: Go Record Shopping

Cheapies and Dr. Disc (don’t let the website scare you off) are both in the heart of the city and are where Hamilton music lovers go to talk music and buy vinyl.

#3: The Historic Durand Neighbourhood

Take a stroll through one of the more alluring and dreamy locations in Hamilton and see if you can spot the house from The Handmaid’s Tale while there. It’s one of the richest neighbourhoods in the city so all the frenetic sadness is contained within the houses themselves, meaning, quiet streets for a walk.

Although Hamilton may appear crazy from an outsider’s perspective (and as lifelong Hamiltonians, we get it) we hope that after reading this you see the city a bit more like an insider. As far as the Steeltown Buds are concerned you’re welcome in any part of this beat up, interesting, sometimes sad but mostly funny and nice place anytime.


The Buds

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