Our Thoughts on the OCS Debacle

November 9, 2018: 9:09pm

Everyone seems really worked up over this whole OCS thing. It would really suck to be an OCS employee right now, what with having everyone (even stoners) super angry at you for things likely out of your control, and all.

It’s difficult to launch a province-wide supply chain for a heavily-regulated magic plant. Shit happens, things get delayed. Oh well.

This week, two of us were super-excited to receive, at long last, our first OCS orders (our second orders are “in the mail”, and we are looking forward to those as well)!

We just had a wonderful evening of endings with some Cove product. We did the night backwards; talked about some deep stuff right off the hop, moved into some fun conversation, listened to Dark Side of the Moon, and then we smoked weed. The entire night was backwards, and awesome! One of us smoked Rest [bong] and the other smoked Reflect [half of a big preroll]. It was a fantastic night.

In conclusion, there have (obviously) been some minor hiccups with the service and delivery, but so far the product has been dope.

Thank you for all your hard work OCS! Things are really coming together, and we are loving the nuclear-grade cannabis. We enjoy how every package is a unique puzzle. It’s a very clever way to build anticipation and make cannabis even more fun!

Also, thank you POSTAL WORKERS for everything that you do! We know how hard you work, and how many people often take you for granted. We hope the strike goes well (or at least as well as possible given the circumstances). Any day one of you hand-delivers us cannabis is going to be a great day.

– A couple of buds

PS: We would like to give a very special thanks to Cove for growing some fantastic cannabis. What we really like about your products is that they are exactly as advertised. One of us went to Rest, and the other one walked home, Reflected on a bunch of really deep and meaningful things, and then ate a TON of food. We have a feeling the runner-up name for that strain was Ravenous.

PPS: Thank you PepsiCo for making Doritos; they are fantastic. Thank you for working hard to make the world a tastier, snackier place.


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