Reefer & Records: Blueberry Kush and The Beatles

– May 5, 2019

Lately, Hamilton’s gloomy, wet weather may be keeping you inside. The end of April was cold and wet. Early May has been more of the same. When you can’t get out and enjoy the sun, what else is there to do but Netflix and chill? But if you’re looking for some other way to pass the time other than watching every season of The Office for the 8th time, let me recommend an old favourite from the record collection. This week, I took a little trip back to 1965 to check out The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, an album John Lennon called the band’s “pot album” (he called Revolver the “acid album”). Inspired by the cozy feeling this weather gives me, I sparked up some relaxing, indica dominant Blueberry Kush and settled in for a listen.

The Strain

Blueberry Kush is a favourite for lots of folks looking to unwind after a long day spent at work or out and about around town. My preferred smoking method happens to be joints, and I think Blueberry Kush is one of the best strains to spin. It is one of the stronger indicas in terms of its relaxing effects, which is why it is best shared if you plan on smoking a joint of Blueberry Kush, but for my purposes, I shared the session with John, Paul, George and Ringo. To quote the album, the combination is “tres bien ensemble.”

The Album

Rubber Soul features some of The Beatles’ best individual song offerings, with such classics as In My Life, The Word, Michelle, and the ever-enticing sitar sounds of Norwegian Wood. Together, these tracks flow perfectly from one to the next, leaving you in an introspective mood that dovetails well with the relaxed, stress-reducing effects of the Blueberry Kush. The first track kicks things off in a carefree, upbeat and joyful mood, evoking images of smiling faces that brightened past days. Before you know it you’re deep into the trip, relaxing to the sounds that still feel as strange and innovative in 2019 as they must have in 1965. The Beatles themselves were about to embark on a musical revolution of sorts, starting with this album, which seems to bridge the gap between their early Motown/Elvis Presley/Blues inspired roots to their psychedelic Summer of Love sounds. If weed is a so-called “gateway drug”, we can think of Rubber Soul as The Beatles’ gateway album to drug-fuelled inspiration and self-exploration. The Beatles’ Rubber Soul marks the beginning of something new The Beatles were about to bring to the world of music. A world that would never be the same again after this album was released in late 1965.

The End

As the haze from the Blueberry Kush swirls through the air in my living room, the album winds down with a couple of songs that reflect the older, upbeat side of The Fab Four. There are a few drops of rain hitting the glass on the window now as the evening sun dips below the overcast cloud cover. As always, the Blueberry Kush has done its job, and I am comfortably relaxing on the couch as I listen to the thwack of the needle on the blank part of the record.

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