Steeltown Snowstorm Report – January 19, 2019

Wow. Winter is here in a big way. Hope everyone is warm and cozy!

Here’s a few of the things we are smoking, playing, and playing on this snowy Saturday.

Suggested Cannabis Strains:

Since different strains do have different (and sometimes unique) effects, it’s important to pair the type of strain you are smoking with the type of experience you are planning to have. Here are two types of strains you might want to consider if you are kicking around indoors during a snowstorm.

  • “Light” Sativas: We use the term “light sativa” to refer to a sativa that offers positive and uplifting effects without major psychoactive effects. Although everyone responds to cannabis a little differently, light sativas should make you feel really good without significantly impairing your ability to think and focus. Examples include Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, Harlequin (CBD), and probably any high-CBD sativa.
  • “Light” Indicas: Indicas usually make you lethargic and/or tired. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “couchlock” by cannabis users. That said, some indicas induce couchlock more than others. We find that strains like Blueberry and MK Ultra can be nice in the daytime, as long as one is mindful of the dosage.
Board Games to Try:
  • Unearth ( Imagine your dice are little workers. You take turns rolling your dice and placing them. Your job is to discover relics, capture ruins, and build wonders. This game runs on a very simple premise, but is beautifully complex: each game is different, and you can plan pretty far ahead so skill is very relevant. It’s a ton of fun to play stoned, since coming up with a good strategy is truly a valiant effort.
  • Pandemic ( Get stoned. Close your eyes. Open your eyes in Hotlanta. Save the world from four diseases. Rip open a bag of Doritos. BOLD MODE: If you want to test the strength of your group’s collective relationship, add this one bold rule: no communication, verbal or nonverbal. Two players who are in the same city can pass notes back and forth as long as it isn’t either one of their turns. No note-passing until everyone has taken their first turn.
Music Recommendations:

We generally try to curate music that fits the mood & emphasizes Canadian content. We also hope you’ll discover something new that you like! Also, this playlist is built like a mixtape. Listen to the songs in order for best results!

Written by: Z

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