Strain Review: The “Power Hour” with Rise (Cove Cannabis)

In an earlier post, we talked about how cannabis can sometimes be used to make routine tasks more enjoyable and interesting. Now that our OCS order is in, we are excited to share our “Power Hour” experience with an outstanding new strain called Rise, from Cove Cannabis.

We ordered a couple of pre-rolls of Rise at 5am on October 17, received them on Wednesday, November 7, and smoked one of those pre-rolls at about 11am on Saturday, November 10. The short story is that we thought it was fantastic! We are digging the OCS products so far.

  • Rise (link) is advertised as an “energizing, clear headed, active” Sativa. We would very much agree!
  • Because it has ~14.6% THC and ~0% CBD, we consider it to be a “Medium-Strength” Sativa.
  • Rise seems like it would be very appropriate for first-time & novice users (in small-to-moderate dosages, respectively).
  • It doesn’t really taste like much and the smoke isn’t harsh at all. The high was focused & calming.
How Rise made our day better:
  • Ate breakfast at West Town.
  • Walked home, then smoked a large pre-roll (between two people) on a porch in the cool November air.
  • Came inside to get warm & comfortable in a spacious home office with lots of natural light.
  • Poured two massive glasses of water (which we strongly recommend, by the way).
  • Put on our “Power Hour” Spotify mixtape.
  • Had a positive & productive Saturday afternoon.


What we think:
  • Say what you will about the packaging, but it’s great to be confident in the THC levels of what you’re buying. We only smoked the entire pre-roll because we could trust that Rise was a lower-THC strain. This cannabis was exactly as advertised.
  • Although some cannabis strains have unique sensory profiles, Rise doesn’t really smell like anything, and the taste is pretty nondescript as well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: because of its low profile, Rise was a smooth, easy smoke.
  • We would recommend that novice users buy the flower so they can distribute it into smaller dosages. We’re pretty experienced so a pre-roll between two people is doable… but we’re not definitely not driving anywhere for the rest of the day after smoking it. Rise isn’t super strong, but it’s not weak either.
  • First-time users may want to take one or two puffs of a joint or a one-hitter depending on their comfort level. This should provide a noticeable (yet clear-headed) high. Please keep in mind that everyone responds to cannabis slightly differently.
  • We do have one tiny suggestion for Cove (if we may): your website currently associates Rise with a relaxing campfire. Based on our personal experiences, we’re wondering if something sunny would be more appropriate. After experiencing Rise in the sunlight, we felt it was a perfect match!

Note: In keeping with the spirit of the Cannabis Act, our reviews are completely independent. We neither ask for nor accept free/complementary products, and are not interested in cutting deals with anyone to review their stuff. We try what we want, share what we find, and encourage responsible cannabis use wherever possible. 🙂

The Mixtape:

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